Pint Saized Art History

21 - Big Eyes for Big Money

March 31, 2022 Dani Saiz / Squid, Josh, JM, Josh v2.0, Aly Season 1 Episode 21
Pint Saized Art History
21 - Big Eyes for Big Money
Show Notes

When is an artist not an artist? Walter Keane answers that when he steals his wife, Margaret Keane's, work throughout their marriage.

Dani and Squid are joined by Christian, Josh, JM, Josh v2.0, and Aly this time around to discuss the ups and downs of the Keane family art and business.

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Artwork Discussed:
The First Grail, c1960s, Margaret Keane
Somebody's Friend, c1967, Margaret Keane
Silent Journey, c1967 Margaret Keane
The Jerry Lewis Family, c1962, Margaret Keane
Untitled, c1960, Margaret Keane
The Prisoner, c1969, Margaret Keane
Tomorrow Forever, c1964, Margaret Keane
Exhibit 224, c1986, Margaret Keane
3 Observant Eyes, c2013, Margaret Keane
Cry Me a River, c2004, Margaret Keane
Foresight, c2011, Margaret Keane

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